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I've decided to build a web site from some of the funny things people send me via email! Judging by the reactions of my friends it has already gone down well with them.
Please note that not much of the content here will be in good taste nor is it likely to be politically correct!
You have been warned! Click here if you think you may be offended.

He Who Drinks Australian... from BW new HOT

At last! A decent chain letter! From none other than, MMcC!!HOT

Aircrew Announcements, this has to be the funniest of the lot. DHW HOT

Education... For women, this is from my friend JDW

And after that, Rules for Men. From BW

After that, one for the girls, from da boss CG

A Trip to Wal-Mart, from BW new

Airplane Passengers, from BW new

Will the real Moron stand up? From BW

Darwin Award Winner 1995, Real stupidity! My favourite of all time. HOT

Faries... from BW

American Journalism Is Dead?, from BW new

A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer, found by HW

Some real GCSE exam answers. From BW

Two Nuns, from DHW

Learn Korean, from GD

Born to be blonde! From BW HOT

Ageing, this one is from me

Extracts from Aircraft maintenance logs. This is my favourite of old. HOT

Metric V's English, from TAB

Love them or hate them? Excerpts from a dog's diary. From the good man, BW HOT

Condom Slogans, from EWM

Stories from the Capital of North Wales, from BW new

Why We Love Children, from BW

Your Daily Moment of Zen, from GDeG

Little April kept falling asleep in class. From DHW

Taking a sicky off work? From CG

Forgotten Identity, from DHW

Singing Horses, another one from JDW

Sars Tax, this is from my friend SG

Tell the time (not a joke, just clever!). Or, in Welsh, with Uncle MMcC

Virus, more from JDW

Giving 100%, more from MMcC

On a similar theme... Genie, From BW

Bumper stickers, from JS

Bumper stickers for ladies, from CG

Test, from my friend DHW

Orgasm, even more from JDW HOT

Aussie construction sign, another good one from my friend DHW HOT

Sunday School, last from JDW

The Love Dress, from CG

Adoption plea! For the ladies. From BW

Back Seat Drivers Rules, a clasic from DHW

There was A Scotsman, an Italian and an Irishman... From CG

They are old! They are Tommy Cooper jokes. From CG

Have a Safe Xmas, From MMcC.

The adult jokes and content are tucked away right here.

Finally a picture or two...

If men vacuumed


I hope you have enjoyed... Those of you who know me, if you feel you have something to contribute then send it over! I have a LOT more to add, I will do it when I get some spare time. Thank you all for making this site what it is.

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