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Metric V's English

Some metric merriment from members of the Normandale (Minneapolis, MN) math department:

>>> Sharon Harvey 06/16/03 02:32PM >>>
As for pushy metric proponents, give 'em 2.54 cm and they'll take 1.6093 km.

>>> Michael Powers 06/17/03 07:51AM >>>
Also Sharon - If the good lord meant us to be metric there would have been 10 apostles.

And of course, 28.3495 grams of prevention is always worth .453592 kilograms of cure...

...and speaking of the apostles, I understand that they drove a Honda. Somewhere in scripture, I recall, it said that the apostles were in one Accord...

>>>Larry Borgen 06/17/03 10:45AM >>>
Well, if you wish to compare the Imperial system versus the Metric, generally, in my view, it's a half dozen on one hand, and 15.24 centimeters on the other.

But, being a big baseball fan I would meter out this advice to my fellow fans: Go the extra mile to prevent a conversion that would ruin our game. Give these metric advocates a centimeter and they will take a kilometer.

If we do convert will the 12" step program I am in for excessive punning be reduced to 10?

Stay cool folks. This is one of those days where it could be 36.66666666666667 degrees Celsius in the shade this afternoon.

This is from my good friend TAB